The original AndFeelings logo was created by artist and skateboarder Chad Eaton in 2018. 

Here what AndFeelings meant to Chad when creating it: 

"I created And Feelings to relive memories from my life in a new visual way. Most graphics from this collection simplify metaphors based on moments that stuck in mind and mementos I’ve collected on my shelf." Chad Eaton

With a true DIY approach Chad started sketching new drawings and ultimately screen printing some in his DTLA art studio on blank tees and sheets of paper. The hand made units were only available in limited quantities on his website and sold out quickly.

In the Spring of 2022, the first proper collection of decks and printables rolled out in skate stores through The Happy Bodega, a French registered company owned and operated by skateboarders. 

The And Feelings goods are available in skate stores throughout Europe and on andfeelings.com

Get in touch with us at hello@thehappybodega.com to learn more. Thanks